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Did the stimulus save Main St.?

Welcome to VoteFacts.  In this advertisement from, we hear President Obama saying this:

"The recovery act was designed to make sure that local school districts didn't lay-off teachers and firefighters and police officers, and its done its job."

(You can view the video in its entirety by dragging the start button backward)

This was a statement made by President Obama way back in 2009, but let's look into it to see if it has merit based upon our current 2012 data.  We are taking you into the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data to help you figure that out.  We'll start with local government education employment:

Now we can move along to local government employment excluding education (which would include police officers, firefighters, etc):

Here is President Obama a few years later talking to Americans about the need to get another new jobs bill passed in order to get more jobs for teachers, cops and firefighters and how the Republicans in the House of Representatives have said, "no to more jobs for teachers, no to more jobs for cops and firefighters..."

Some people might wonder - If the stimulus worked, why did we need those 4 other jobs bills and why are we still in need of more?  We have looked at those other stimulus bills here before as well as whether or not you believe the stimulus was worth the cost, but right now we wonder, what do you think about this post.  Having looked at the data for yourself, at this point do you feel that the recovery act has "done its job" with regard to the mission of preventing local government lay-offs?  Vote now.


BLS, Local Government Education

BLS Local Government Excluding Education

VoteFacts original post date:  September 25, 2012
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