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Is it really that big? (the national debt that is)

Welcome to VoteFacts.    Here is a commercial from the Republican National Committee (RNC) that tells viewers that the national debt "just hit $16 trillion dollars". This is kinda a no brainer but we want to keep and eye on important issues like the debt in real time. So, we're bringing you easy access to the data so you can figure out if that claim is fact or political fiction.  For this claim, we turn to the for debt to the penny, here is what they say as of September 18th, 2012:

Total Public Debt Outstanding:  $16,045,783,217,833.70 - Just over $16 trillion dollars.  TreasuryDirect

You've seen it for yourself now do the vote thing!  Was it fact or political fiction that the National Debt really hit $16 trillion?

VoteFacts original post date:  September 18, 2012
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