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Private sector job growth exceeded public sector job growth in 2011.

Welcome to   Every Thursday afternoon the news networks play the same game of guessing what the "jobs numbers" are going to be.  However, there have been two things that are always clear about this.  1) talking heads are lousy at projecting unemployment.  2) Weekly unemployment numbers are not always the whole picture of how the economy is doing.  So we decided to spend a little time looking at the bigger picture of where the jobs are, who's creating them and how fast.  Enjoy...

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

In 2011, the private sector added 1.9 million jobs, while government lost 280,000 jobs. Local government education had lost 113,000 jobs over that span, accounting for 40 percent of the job losses within government.   BLS Report, Page 3 & 16

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VoteFacts original post date:  circa July 1, 2012
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Did private sector job growth exceed public sector job growth in 2011?
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