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Has federal education funding gone down under the Obama Administration?

Welcome to VoteFacts.  So far, has the Obama Administration reduced education spending, whereas Bush increased it?  Here is what the data from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) shows (In millions of dollars):

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As you can see, the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) shows that federal spending on Education, Training, Employment, and Social Services increased under GW Bush from $57,094 billion when he took office in 2001 to $91,287 billion his last year in office in 2008.  That is an increase of 59.8 percent.

For the Obama Administration, spending here went from $79,749 billion in 2009 to $72,808 billion in 2013.  That is a decrease of 8.7 percent from the beginning of his presidency until the last fiscal year, and a 20 percent decrease since Bush's last year in office.

For the more specific category of elementary education, secondary education, and vocational training, the GW Bush Administration took spending from $22,858 billion to $38,918 - An increase of 70 percent.  

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has taken spending on elementary education, secondary education, and vocational training from $53,206  in 2009 to $42,407 in 2013 - A decrease of 18%.  (NOTE: If you exclude the ramped up stimulus spending on education and look at spending in this category under the Obama Administration from 2008 to 2013, there has been a 9% increase.)

NOTE:  For a look at other recent two term presidents:  During the Reagan Administration, spending on elementary education, secondary education, and vocational training went from $7,088 billion in 1981 to $8,377 billion in 1988 - An 18% increase.  During the Clinton Administration, spending on this category went from $13,481 in 1993 to $20,578 in 2000 - A 53% increase.

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