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Did we add 30 million people to a broken system?

Was it ever true that, no matter what, you can keep your doctor or plan?

Did CBO say ObamaCare would reduce individual market 14-20%?

Were health insurance premiums rising 15% before ObamaCare?

Did the stimulus lift millions out of poverty?

Was the president’s fiscal year 2014 budget a “fiscally responsible blueprint for the middle class?”

Is cap and trade class warfare?

Is Congress exempt from ObamaCare?

Does ObamaCare include a taxpayer bailout for insurance companies?

Has federal funding for education gone down under Obama?

Does ObamaCare include “free” preventive care?

Will ObamaCare reduce the deficit?

Will the taxes from ObamaCare come out of your pocket?

Did we just need one more stimulus to fix the problems?

Does ObamaCare cut Medicare?

Could ObamaCare kill jobs?

Is the Obama “plan” the same as what “worked” under Clinton?

Has part-time employment increased because of ObamaCare?

Is it that simple, just a small tax increase on a few?

Would his budget have stopped the credit card from running up?

Is Obama committed to “constructive” cooperation?

Is Al-Qaeda weaker now?

Should presidents speak in a unifying tone?

Can you keep your doctor?

Is natural gas production the highest it has been in decades?

Should people be expected to budget for their own health care?

Will the Obama plan lead to shared prosperity?

Did the “conservative theory” cause our problems?

Did Obama simply “forget” billions of dollars?

Did Obama cut billions from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare?

Does the Obama plan fail to add-up?

Is it unpatriotic to incur so much debt?

Did Obama pass the Fast and Furious buck?

Did Obama budgets try to close the deficit in his first term?

Did we avoid 2-4 million more job losses by passing the stimulus?

Has Obama been inconsistent with his claims that it would take “more than one term”?

Did Obama’s 2012 budget meet the “critical test”?

Do Obama and Democrats want tax rates to snap back to 2001?

Is Obama more fiscally conservative than Reagan or GW Bush?

Did the stimulus save Main St.?

Did the stimulus prevent public employee layoffs?

Did Obama’s budget seek $4 trillion dollar in deficit reduction?

Was the economy growing slower when Obama wanted to raise taxes than when he said we should not?

Is coal employment up or down?

How do jobs compare between Obama and Reagan?

Is oil production on public lands up or down?

Is it okay to raise taxes on small businesses?

Did we see the creation of 5 million private sector jobs in 30 months?

Will the Independent Payment Advisory Board from ObamaCare reduce benefits?

Did we go from 32 million to 47 million on food stamps under Obama?

Does the Ryan plan include the same Medicare cuts as the Obama plan?

Is the “Obama future” full of trillion dollar deficits?

Is the national debt really that big?

Whose plan did CBO say led to a balanced budget, Obama’s or Romney’s?

Is less “more” when it comes to Medicare spending?

Is Obama another “do as I say, not as I do” president?

Did ObamaCare cut $716 billion from Medicare?

Did Obama add as much debt as all prior presidents?

Has government employment only dropped under Obama?

Reality Check – CNN fact checkers leave out important facts 

First presidential debate:  Barack Obama 

First presidential debate:  Mitt Romney

President Obama’s health care law extended Medicare for nearly a decade?  

Both Ryan and Obama envision the same long-term spending path for Medicare?

What did he mean when the president said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”?
Does repealing ObamaCare mean 50 million people would lose their coverage?
Was the economic stimulus worth the cost?


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