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Mitt Romney endorsed Paul Ryan’s budget vision for America.

Welcome to VoteFacts.  We have heard some chatter about whether or not Mitt Romney ever endorsed Paul Ryan's budgetary vision for America.  After all, Mittens has his own plan to focus on now.  But we thought you might want to get your answer directly from Mitt himself.  In the video to your right he says,

"I think it would be marvelous if the Senate were to pick up Paul Ryan's budget and to adopt it."

(You can view the video in its entirety by dragging the start button backward)

Ahhh, and that was then.  Here is what Governor Romney has said in his own 59 point budget plan:

"... with respect to Medicare, the plan put forward by Congressman Paul Ryan makes important strides in the right direction by keeping the system solvent and introducing market-based dynamics. As president, Romney’s own plan will differ, but it will share those objectives."  Romney Plan, Page 5

You heard it here for yourself, now head up and cast your vote.

VoteFacts original post date:  September 14, 2012
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Did Mitt Romney endorse Paul Ryan's budgetary vision for America?
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