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Medicare & Medicaid

All fast facts for Health Care are from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Chief Actuary of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Although they represent many of their most recent reports on this subject, they do not represent all of their reports on this subject. Occasionally minor word adjustments may have been made for clarity or to reflect the updated nature of the statement. As always, verify and view statements in their full context as often as possible.

Other sources of revenue for the HI trust fund include interest paid on the U.S. Treasury securities held in the HI trust fund, a portion of the federal income taxes that individuals pay on their Social Security benefits, and premiums paid by individuals who would otherwise not qualify for Medicare Part A.  Click here to verify at Page 1
The SMI trust fund has different revenue sources. There are no payroll taxes collected for this fund, and enrollment in Medicare Parts B and D is voluntary. Individuals enrolled in Parts B and D must pay premiums, which cover about 25% of program costs.3 The other 75% of revenues for the SMI trust fund primarily comes from general revenue transfers. Other sources of revenue include interest paid on the U.S. Treasury securities held in the fund and Part D state transfers for Medicare beneficiaries who are also eligible for Medicaid (dual-eligibles).  Click here to verify at Page 1
The 2011 report of the Medicare Board of Trustees estimates that by 2024, HI revenues and assets will no longer be sufficient to fully cover Part A costs and the fund will become insolvent.4 Because of the way it is financed, the SMI fund cannot face insolvency; however, the trustees project that SMI expenditures will continue to grow rapidly, and thus place increasing strains on the federal budget.  Click here to verify at Page 1
The Medicare HI and SMI trust funds are statutorily independent; this means that any funds raised for one fund cannot be used to pay expenses out of the other.  Click here to verify at Page 8, Para 2
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