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Media bias is a bigger problem than money in campaigns.

Welcome to VoteFacts.  With our new Friday feature we are looking at a recent poll.  Polling is generally not something we concern ourselves with here at, however, this poll seemed to strike at our core mission.  Rasmussen released some results that show 47% of Americans believe that “media bias” is  a bigger problem than money in campaigns.  42% of those polled disagreed.

We make no judgments about money or media bias.  With the advent of the internet, a campaign can spend less and a voter can find out more about a candidate than they ever could before.  Further, if someone finds media bias to be too strong, they have boundless opportunities for alternatives to get their news.

This poll result seems to be symptomatic of  a different problem.  It seems that this country has fallen into the trap of no longer engaging in political discourse, and instead each side waiting for it’s turn to talk.  We are not having a discussion about our problems in this country anymore, we are waiting to show our opponent that we have all the answers.

It feels to us as if we have passed the point of working to solve our problems collectively and are in a state of destroying all other ideologies that oppose ours.  That is why this site was started.  There are FACTS and there are PROBLEMS, and these things are real.  Instead, we focus on nude swimming at a congressional junket or how much money a super-PAC will spend do grind its opponent into the ground.  In short, we as citizens fiddle while Rome burns.

It seems important to have an ideology, an ethos, a history that shapes our perspective on life, however, that place should always be the beginning of a journey.  We must be open to change and new ideas.  We want you our brilliant and wise readers to weigh in on this issue below in the comments section.

VoteFacts original post date:  August 24, 2012
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