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Federal Spending Search

Are the new health care subsidies sustainable in the long run?

Was federal debt paid down under the Clinton Administration?

Did President Clinton “create” the surplus?

Will ObamaCare reduce the federal deficit?

Has federal spending on education gone down under Obama?

Should we raise corporate tax rates?

Just how big is our public debt? 

Does ObamaCare include a taxpayer funded bailout for insurance companies? 

Did the War on Terror cause our $17 trillion dollar debt?

Should we move from income taxes to consumption taxes?

Do we just need another government stimulus package?

Should legal non-citizens have access to Medicaid and health subsidies?

Did we spend $90 billion stimulus dollars on wind and solar?

Did the stimulus lift millions out of poverty, as asserted it would?

Is Medicare really unsustainable?

Did ObamaCare cut Medicare?

Is a small tax increase on upper earners the solution?

Would Clinton tax rates be a significant step to deficit reduction and financing programs to spur economy?

Should the long-term goal for federal spending be 18% of GDP?

Is the Obama plan one of shared prosperity?

Did the president “forget” billions of dollars?

Did billions get cut from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare?

Did ABC mislead their viewers by giving them partial information?

Is the Obama plan the same as what we had under Clinton?

Does the Obama budget “add up”?

Would the Obama budget stop the credit card debt from running up?

Do trillion dollar deficits slow our economy?

Is federal debt unpatriotic?

Did the Obama budgets attempt to close the deficits during his first term?

Did Obama budget meet “critical test”?

Do Democrats want all tax rates to go back to 2001?

Is Obama more conservative than Reagan or GW Bush?

Is our tax system fair?

Could the deficit crush future generations?

Did the stimulus save Main St.?

Did the stimulus prevent public lay-offs?

Did Obama budget seek $4 trillion deficit reduction?

Did NFIB say raising taxes will cost jobs?

Was the federal stimulus worth the cost?

How about taxes and economic growth?

Would Romney have provided economic assistance to auto makers?

What is Romney’s tax plan?

CBO says trillion dollars deficits for years?

Are we borrowing .40 cents of every dollar we spend? 

First presidential debate:  Barack Obama

First presidential debate:  Mitt Romney




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