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The Massachusetts unemployment rate went down while Mitt Romney was governor.

Welcome to  One of the most talked about issues of this election is centered around Mitt Romney’s claim to the mantle of “Job Creator”.   The Romney folks would have us believe that as governor of Massachusetts, Mittens rolled up his sleeves and turned his state into a sort of xanadu for job creation.

The Obama campaign would have us believe that Romney’s term as governor left Massachusetts a smoking hole in the ground, with salted earth that will never grow jobs again.   We have noticed that both sides will insist that jobs are not created by their political leaders when unemployment rates rise, but somehow those political leaders also seem to become the pillars of job creation when the unemployment rates drop.  Those are opinions that we are just not interested in focusing on.

So as always, we are keen to focus on the facts of the matter.   For now, we are keeping it simple, but rest assured that we will have more to come when it comes to job creation status in Massachusetts.   Here are the  numbers about Massachusetts and employment while Governor Romney presided (click for more detail)...

Unemployment rate - 5.6% in January 2003 to 4.6% in January 2007.

     Unemployment numbers compared to similarly populated  states  - 191,667 to 156,923.


Bureau of Labor Statistics Link

Chart for comparative states

As usual, we want to hear from you.  Did the Massachusetts unemployment rate go down while Mitt Romney was governor?

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Did the Massachusetts unemployment rate go down while Mitt Romney was governor?
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