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For a democracy to work, we have to know the facts and make an informed decision” ~ Brad Pitt
Not that long ago, I consumed a good deal of political media and rarely questioned what I heard.  For the most part, I believed that journalists such as the Diane Sawyers and Brian Williams of our nation would not withhold or distort valuable information, and they certainly would not lie.
While I can never speak to the intent of any journalist or political media network, I can say that being an informed voter has become a full time job in this country.  Not only has my experience shown me that our media is no longer assisting us with the voter education process, but it has become a hindrance to it.
Along with that, the unfortunate reality is that there is palpable political discrimination happening in our nation, and like all forms of discrimination, it leads to attempts to suppress or denigrate valuable information or the people who possess it – Information that all people have a right to access as well as process for themselves.
Being a moderate liberal myself not so long ago, I am not afraid of the free expression and mass consumption of data and information which may be supportive of the liberal bias.  However, alongside that bias should be equal access to its opposite, so that people are free to decide for themselves, based upon valuable data and information from more than one ideological perspective.  VoteFacts was created to help expand intellectual freedom and give voice to valuable data that too often fails to be part of the media dialogue.  Where your opinion lands in the end, is up to you.  
~Jodi Carroll, Founder


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